WP14.net Mission Statement

The Name


Our purpose is to provide news, facts, information, and perspectives to allow people to better appreciate the world situation and how it needs to change; to combat anti-White propaganda and rhetoric; to challenge Canada's anti-White and oppressive policies.

WP14 includes WP as an acronym for both White Pride and White Power. White Pride is an affirmation that White Folk have every right, reason, and duty to take pride in their heritage and to reject any and all pressure applied to convince us that we ought to steep ourselves in White guilt instead. White Power is the insistence that we empower our people to seek the self-determination, independence, liberty and survival of our Folk, and that we shout defiance in the face of those who would see us driven to bondage or extinction. 14 represents the two sets of Fourteen Words as set forth by David Eden Lane: "We must secure the existence of our People and a future for White Children", "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the Earth".